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City Block


A kid decides to help its town. Complete mission for different professions or take a break and race through the roads and streets of the town on a motorcycle, kickbike or skateboard, play some football or ride a sheep!

City Block is a town simulation game focused on driving in a big pixel car playmat with gameplay similar to the early auto theft games.

- Police car: Protect and serve. Arrest thieves and robbers in high speed car chases, and find the missing children.
- Fire truck: Extinguish fires and save peoples' homes.
- Ambulance: Take the injured people to the hospital - fast.
- Garbage truck: Keep your town clean.
- Tractor: Plough, sow and harvest the wheat of the farm, while keeping the sheep out of the carrot land.
-Taxi: Take your customers to their destinations, they will reward you for speed.

Absolutely tiny download size.
No internet connection needed while playing.
No ads.
No in-app purchases.



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What's New

Virtual joystick.
Hospital bugfix.