Sheep Tycoon 1.1.0 APK Download

Sheep Tycoon

The description of Sheep Tycoon 1.1.0

● Coupon for official release. [100 Gems]
- [Coupon code : SHEEP]
- Use for VER 1.0.0 or higher.

● Do you want TYCOON?
- Experience the pure FUN of Tycoon!
- If you missed the tycoon, download it NOW.

● Cute sheeps
- Meet cute sheeps from white to golden sheep.
- When you upgrade the sheep, you can acquire the next sheep.

● Sheep upgrade
- Increasing affection can increase chances of upgrading.
- When you shear the sheep, you can gain affection.

● Daily ranking
- Compete with other players every day with sales.
- Endless Gems rewards.



Official release : Version 1.1.0
- Hot fix : Ranking not displayed bug