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Enter the brand new CTV application - more than everyone likes! Canada's most watched network and the main suite of specialty channels are now available live and on demand.

CTV offers unparalleled entertainment, with a wide selection of exclusive content and a large library of episodic videos that you will not find anywhere else.

The complete episodes of CTV emissions, including the anatomy of Gray, the masked singer, the right doctor, and many others are available upon request, unlocked for the first seven days after Their broadcast on television and have access to more episodes in season with your subscription on television.

CTV Returns, CTV and SnackableTV films are totally unlocked for everyone without subscription or required connection, offering thousands of classic television hours and your favorite series, no Hollywood cut hit movies and a short-grade short life comedy, lifestyle and high quality entertainment series.

Main features:
• Turn of: CTV / CTV2, CTV Comedy Channel, CTV Drama Channel, CTV SCI -Fi Canal, CTV Life Canal, Discovery, Plate T, Discovery Science, Discovery, Discovery Velocity and Survey *
• Catching up the complete season of Canada's most popular shows. *
• Thousands of classic television hours and non-cut Hollywood hits.
• Premium Short-Form Series.
• Create a list of recorded titles to watch at any time. *
• Continue watching where you left you. *

* Login Required television service provider.
> If you need help, please send us an email at Help@ctv.ca


• Select CTV returns emissions are presented non-cruised in Their original aspect ratio 4: 3.

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Major expansion of content options, with the addition of live and on demand streaming of Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery Velocity and Investigation Discovery